Wallpapers by Fineluart

Wallpapers by Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart, based on her surrealistic paintings.

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Palettes and brushes by Fineluart

Palettes and brushes – macro photos by Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart:

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Triumph over eternity, Oil Painting – Surrealism

Triumph over eternity, Oil Painting - Surrealism
Triumph over eternity is an oil painting – surrealism by the bulgarian painter Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart.

This painting is a part of the Surrealist project bearing her name.

This surreal painting with oil is the beginning of the conceptual project, as the birth of personality precedes the differentiation of the inner world

  • Dimensions of this oil painting: 50/ 60 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2010
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Pulse – Oil Painting

Pulse - Oil Painting

Pulse is an oil painting – part of the Triumph over eternity surrealistic project by Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart.

This artwork presents the striving of independence of personality.

  • Dimensions of this oil painting: 45/ 90 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2010
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Destination darkness, Oil Painting – surrealism

Destination darkness, Oil Painting - surrealism

Destination darkness is an oil painting (surrealism), part of the conceptual project Triumph over eternity by the contemporary painter Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart.

The artwork reveals the beginning of our life time.

  • Dimensions of this oil painting: 50/ 70 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2013
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Triumph over eternity – surrealistic project

Triumph over eternity is an surrealistic project by the bulgarian painter Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart, who perform the struggle of personality with the labyrinth of possibilities of existence.

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  • Triumph over eternity, Oil Painting - Surrealism
  • Destination darkness, Oil Painting - surrealism
  • Insainity of a dream - oil painting by the bulgarian artist Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart
  • Pulse - Oil Painting
  • 37 stitches - oil painting

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37 stitches – oil painting

37 stitches - oil painting

37 stitches is an oil painting by Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart – bulgarian artist an surrealist.

This artwork i a part of the Triumph over eternity surrealistic project.

  • Dimensions of this oil painting: 70/ 50 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2012
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Last breathe – oil painting bu Fineluart

Last breathe - oil painting bu Fineluart

Last breathe is an oil painting bu Fineluart – the bulgarian painter Lyubomira Popova.

This  is an abstract art, painted in the same breath, under the influence of creative inspiration.

  • Dimensions of this oil painting: 50/ 70 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2007
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Portrait – Painting by Lyubomira Popova – Fineluart

Portrait - Painting by Lyubomira Popova - Fineluart

Portrait is a painting by Lyubomira Popova – Fineluart (bulgarian painter and surrealist).

  • Dimensions of this painting: 42/ 62 cm
  • Technique: distemper
  • Established: 2005
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Insainity of a dream – oil painting

Insainity of a dream - oil painting by the bulgarian artist Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

Insainity of a dream is an abstract oil painting with asymmetrical composition, part of the Triumph over eternity surrealistic project.

Insainity of a dream is an oil painting, painted on the basis of contrasts.

  • Dimensions: 50/100 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2008
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

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Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart – Interview for Mallforarts.com

Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart – Interview for Mallforarts.com

What is your name?

Lyubomira Popova

Tell me something about yourself

I was born a painter, my calling is to be an artist and I have a heart of an actor.

I was born in 1983. I obtained a B.A. in Pedagogics of Fine-arts from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” as well as M.S. in Virtual Culture.  Besides painting I also do graphic and web design, write poetry, and have an interest in philosophy.

Do you have an artist name and what is it?


Where are you from?

Europe, Bulgaria, Sofia

When was the first time you painted a picture? What kind of sensation you get from doing art? 

I start painting when I was a little girl even before I can remember. Painting is a part of me and I would be incomplete without it.

What are your favorite objects/subjects? 

I am painting different things depending on the ideas I have in the moment and the stage in my life.

The only object that I often express in my paintings is the contrabass. This object inspires me not only with its sound but also with its ability to participate in different musical styles without loosing its individual sounding (mainly due to the way the musician play the instrument) – there are illusions of closeness, dedication, erotic…

Could you tell us something about your painting techniques?

I love oil painting because the material provides you with a freedom to express – e.g. different ways of applying the paint create a different appearance of the artwork.

I paint in surrealistic style. I love the abstract compositions in which colors bring emotions. I use fantasy subjects and stylized images in order to inspire ideas and sometimes I use objects that have symbolic meaning related to the idea embodied in the painting.

What are your common painting materials?

I use mainly oil paints which I lay mostly on hardboard but sometimes on canvas or even sackcloth.

Do you do special orders?

I do but only if the order matches my style and inner inspiration. The art for me is more than a vocation, it is an expression of my feelings and source of inspiration – thus I would not like to convert the art into a job.

Do you use special materials for your art and why?

I love the oil paint because it is heavier than the other materials. Also the oil gives me the ability to feel the resistance of the material…

Furthermore, the oil paint could be applied on the canvas in different ways. The dry process is slow which allows more variation in color mixing not only as tones, but as matter as well.

What is the inspiration for your work?

Inspiration is always inside of me and around me. As Cezanne have said: “Every view evokes in me thoughts with plastic nature”.

The inspiration gives soul to the artwork. There are paintings that can not be painted without the inspiration that prompt me to create them. There are artworks for which the idea occurred spontaneously and artworks that require further consideration and study.

And there are times when I start to paint only under the impulse of the inspiration without a concrete idea or vision for the artwork that I will create – at such times the painting comes “on the fly” and carries a charge of unconscious impulses.

What does it mean to you a specific still life/ landscape?

I prefer paintings that talk. If the landscape / still life is rich with symbolism, it would be a pleasure for me to contemplate it. However, if the painting is created only to reproduce the nature then it looks dry, static and lifeless to me

Do you like to paint portraits and human bodies and why?

Sometimes I use gestures or facial expressions to recreate an emotion, but generally my style is more abstract.

Is it difficult to make art?

Creativity is a laborious process, but when it comes from your heart, when you do art for the pleasure of the creative act, then the rewards are so great that the labor seems sweet.

Is it true that the loneliness is very important and brings inspiration to the artist?

The loneliness is not important but rather the ability to be alone with yourself and to listen to your subconscious aspirations, emotions, fears, hopes. It is important not to run away from the sadness inside of you, but to manage to turn it into energy, a source of inspiration… If you are able to see beyond the negative charge buildup in everyday life and to control your negative thoughts in a way that serves you (instead of the thoughts corroding you from inside) – only then the creative act becomes a catharsis.

What are your favorite styles?

My favorite styles are: surrealism, abstractionism, cubism, impressionism…

What are your favorite artists?

My favorite artist is Salvador Dali. I also like very much Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Caspar David Friedrich, Bernini, Mikhail Larionov, Kazimir Malevich and others.

Do you feel that you should go beyond the traditional painting tools?

No. I think there is a change in the way they are used. The change is the natural state of the world we are living in; the need to develop, the desire to improve, the thirst to discover and experiment are characteristic of the human (and in particular the artist’s) aspirations.

How would you like to be seen your artworks?

For me the most important part is my artworks to provoke thoughts; to reveal to the viewers emotions which they can put into concepts that arise from their own worldview.

Do you have periods similar to the Picasso Blue period?

Every artist goes through different stages in their work, but the stages are not always so prolonged and well defined to be defined. There is no such period in my artwork.

What other arts do you enjoy?

I enjoy all forms of art but the nearest to my emotional self is literature and specifically poetry (I write poetry myself sometimes).

Is it important for the artist to expose their art?

It depends on the artist himself. I think it is important not only because of our innate needs for sharing, evaluation or recognition, but also because each different perspective enriches our ideas and views, gives us food for thought and even helps to be more objective in our self-evaluation.

What do you get when you talk to the people that buy your art?

It gives me a broader view of not only my work but also for the art in general. Sometimes people see in my artwork forms or ideas that I have not planted in them, but the raised ideas impart my artwork with a completely different depth.

Do you feel sorrow/jealousy when your work is sold and you are not going to see it again?

No. I actually enjoy the recognition my artwork receives.

What kind of people buy your art?

I can not summarize any particular kind of people. I’ve gone through different creative stages to find my own unique style, I have worked on various projects and I have experimented with different materials and techniques thus I’ve created various paintings (in terms of style and technique). Therefore, people with different preferences and with a different attitude towards art have bought my artworks.

Do you like the present or you prefer some other epoch?

I have always live here and now. I enjoy both the comfort and the challenges of the modern life. Sometimes I imagine what it would be (and who I would be) if I lived in another epoch; it looks interesting to me (if I could do it for a while) but I have never felt a desire to replace my life with another one.

What kind of people would appreciate your art that you present on this website?

For anyone who finds in my art part of the world as they see it or as they dream about it…

For anyone who sees the issues that they sometimes wonder when they are alone with themselves…

For anyone who finds in them the aesthetics, which they are looking for…

What are your future plans?

Currently, I am preparing my painting exhibition which represents a project associated with transience and our relationship to it, and the prospects of our fear about the lack of them, with the contradiction between the illimitability that we anticipate and the limitations we face.

What does art mean to you?

he art is my life, and painting is me.

You have been working as…

I have been working as an artist in advertising, as a graphic designer and as a web designer.

What did you get out of this job?

I have an opportunity to see a contrast between the convocation and the job, between the hand-made and the computer-made. I have an opportunity to explore the principles of the graphic art.

Like any artist, I can not start working without looking at the creative side without putting a part of my artistic style. However, I learned to challenge my creative impulse to serve me whenever I need it – painting a special order or more routine tasks with given requirements…

What emotion stimulates you to do your art – e.g. strong emotion, spiritual harmony? I paint when I am tense: a particular emotion that bothers me and makes me see everything around as a surreal image. I suppress this feeling with my painting.

Could you complete the following sentences:

For me love is…

to be devoted completely and selflessly to the one you love.

For me faith is…

an attempt to explain things which we can’t understand due to the lack of facts. The faith in oneself is a source of strength, confidence and inner harmony with the world.

The most wonderful painting is…

the one that I will paint tomorrow.

For me inspiration is…

when an idea has obsessed me in such a way that I see it in everything around me – every detail, sound, even smell.

I like to…


I hate to…

deal with people who are superficial.

I dream of…

a life dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual and philosophical pursuits in which the daily routine is minimal.

I pray for…

I don’t pray. For me, life is represented with three basic principles: Possibilities, Choices and Consequences. Everything else depends on our prejudices, our attitude towards the things that happen to us and to life in general.

What do you do on a usual day?

I work, go for a walk with my dog, in the evenings I hang out with friends or spend a quiet evening at home. I love to paint at night when I am alone and when the city is quiet. After a productive art night I love to see the sunrise with a cup of coffee.

What do you like to do in your free time?

To read, to be outdoors and to hang out with friends.

How do you see yourself in ten years?

A little wiser, a little crazier, busier and happier.

What do you wish for?

I wish for more opportunities and wider horizons.

What are your plans for the next year?

I plan for an exhibition, new home…

Do you have your own website?

www.fineluart.com (BG)

How many paintings have you sold?

I have sold around 15 paintings.

Tell us about your past and current exhibitions

I had one exhibition by myself and three shared with other artists.

Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart – Interview for Mallforarts.com

Temperament – abstract oil painting

Temperament - abstract oil painting

Temperament is an abstract oil painting, part of the conceptual author project Layers by Monolit by Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart – contemporary Bulgarian artist.

Temperament is oil painting, influenced by the Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich.

This abstract oil painting is unique

  • Dimensions: 50/70 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2007
  • Painter: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart

For … – oil painting to order, Surrealism

For ... - oil painting to order, Surrealism

For … is surreal oil painting, based on a contrast between warm and cold tones.
This oil painting shows my passion for Salvador Dali.

This oil painting is unique / made ​​to order

  • Dimensions: 42/60 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Established: 2006
  • Autor: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart –  contemporary Bulgarian artist

Anger – Oil Painting, Surrealism

Anger - Oil Painting, Surrealism

Anger is surreal oil painting.

Anger is an oil painting in cold tones – blue is the predominant color in this oil painting. The composition of the painting is asymmetrical.

This oil painting is unique

  • Dimensions: 37/47 cm
  • Technique: Oil on hardboard
  • Created: 2005
  • Autor: Lyubomira Popova/ Fineluart –  contemporary Bulgarian artist